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Archived - Montessori Assistant

Liberté School (www.liberteschool.co.za) is looking for a permanent Montessori Assistant to join our elite team dedicated to creating the best possible learning environment for the children attending Liberté School.  As a minimum requirement, candidates must have experience working in a Montessori environment, possess a Montessori qualification from a recognised institution or be in the final stages of studying towards a recognised Montessori Qualification. 

The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with and report to the senior teacher to implement, develop and refine a Montessori-based modern cognitive science-inspired teaching philosophy. 

To be successful in this position, you should be willing to learn and incorporate new innovative teaching methods. You will have to demonstrate synergy with the Liberté School philosophy and be willing to take pride in the incredible opportunity educators have been given to shape the future.

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be studying towards or have a recognised Montessori qualification or experience
  • Must be computer literate, with a proven ability to work with cloud-based communication and collaboration tools (e.g. Gmail and Google Suite, Google Classroom etc.)
  • Must be able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal communication problem-solving, administration communication and collaborative skill
  • Must have a valid work permit / permanent resident (if not a South African citizen)
  • Must have contactable references

Email: recruitment@liberteschool.co.za

Disclaimer: Only applicants who have submitted the above and meet the stated requirements will be considered. Generic, non-specific motivational letters will not be accepted. The right not to conduct an interview is reserved. If you are not contacted within one month of the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. In line with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) will attempt to ensure the confidentiality of all applicants for this role. All reasonable measures will be in place to protect personal information but used in the recruitment, selection, and reporting process. By submitting your application for this position, you are recognising and accepting this disclaimer.


Social Bonding: Encourage and foster social bonding with others

    • Create social learning and collaborative learning experiences where children can experience life with you as the educator, with other children of various ages, with other members of the school community as well as external community members
    • Be alert to and prioritise the needs of the classroom group as a whole, when dealing with individual children or only a part of the classroom

Model desirable communication habits

    • Greet each child warmly upon arrival
    • Eye contact at the child’s level
    • Listen to and interpret the child’s individual needs
    • Use appropriate voice tone as a teaching tool
    • Use encouragement appropriately
    • Encourage the use of positive language among children and staff

Facilitate internal and external activities and learning opportunities that build Executive Functioning Skills

    • Plan and Organise Classroom Events and Learning Experiences.
    • Encourage the development of working memory skills. 
    • Encourage Cognitive Flexibility and Meta Cognition (Thinking and assessing one’s thinking, thinking patterns and biases)
    • Teach children self-regulation and self-control strategies (Development of Control Inhibitor)

Encourage Learning Autonomy

    • Implement Guide Learning so each child learns to become self-reliant and independent
    • Provide children with autonomous yet guided learning experiences in a real-world environment/setting
    • Allow children to make and learn from their own experiences and mistakes.
    • Help children accept mistakes without shame 

Assessment of children's learning in the classroom

    • Asking open-ended questions and assessing knowledge
    • Identify potential gaps in base knowledge (both own and student’s)
    • Use observation skills to gain information on how each child learns and to scaffold their learning when giving lessons
    • Involve children in your knowledge acquisition process
    • Teach children how to identify and fill knowledge gaps
    • Identify each child’s learning style
    • Liaise with and communicate assessments to parents and other staff members regularly

Behavioural Management and Disciplining

    • Treat and respect children as intelligent, capable beings with rights, responsibilities and obligations. 
    • Use positive, consistent, predictable behaviour management of students.
    • Foster Individual Relationships
    • Move towards the child calmly and respectfully when needing to get their attention.

Preparing & Organise Learning and Classroom Environment to meet the needs of each child’s learning style.

    • Support each child in finding appropriate challenges
    • Plan and organise all classroom and external events; provide and model a peaceful and conducive learning environment
    • Keep and teach the children to keep the environment clean, tidy and orderly. 
    • Keep up the school hygiene standards

Curriculum Implementation

  • Offer each child a challenging and appropriate curriculum material within various  pedagogical philosophies and model these to adapt to individual styles and  levels of learning

Classroom Administration

    • Liaison with Parents: Assisting with parent communication regarding daily procedures
    • Assisting with writing assessments and reports
    • Classroom Planning: Discuss and carry out plans for the classroom by collaborating with the senior educator

General Administration

    • Attend regular coaching/training sessions
    • Communication with the school principal regarding any problems or issues in the classroom or school
    • Meet with the principal and other teaching staff regularly to discuss observations, classroom environment, strategies, plans and improvements
    • Preparing and executing emergency plans (fire, evacuation, etc.) every quarter or as needed

Further Learning and Self-Improvement 

    • Participate and actively seek professional development to improve educative quality within the
    • Keeping up to date with developments in the teaching field, particularly relating to cognitive science (e.g. Harvard Centre for the developing child, Celine Alvarez, Mindshift KQED, Ted Talks)

Staff Relations

  • Exhibit respectful and friendly attitude with the staff, promoting a cooperative and team spirit
  • Accept constructive criticism and show a willingness to change your work style, which will bring about positive changes
  • Work with other teachers in special programming that Liberté has developed

Parent Involvement

    • Foster and maintain respectful relationships with the parents
    • Encourage parent involvement and “buy-in” to the school’s teaching strategies
    • Refer and discuss potential problems or issues with the School Principal or Senior Educator
    • Communicate weekly (phone calls, email, messaging services or otherwise) to all families about the past and forthcoming events and highlights

Community and Public Relations

    • Reflect the school culture and philosophy in creating the best possible learning and social  environment for the children, families, educators, school stakeholders and the broader community
    • As a staff member of Liberté, you will be expected to conduct yourself professionally when in public or representing the school
    • Foster and Maintain relationships with internal and external activity vendors (Intra & Extra Murals)

In possession of or in the final phase of  studying towards a recognised Montessori Qualification

Job Benefits

21 Days paid leave

Employee wellness programme (cycle-to-work and other initiatives)

Staff Uniform

Daily Meal Provided

Discretionary performance-based annual bonus.

Educational support, bursaries & study leave available

Individualised professional development, support, and mentorship for career growth

Employee discounts on school fees and kitchen produce


Computer Literate:  Ability to work with offline and online/cloud-based communication and collaboration tools (e.g. Microsoft Office, Gmail and Google Suite, Open Office, Trello,  Zoom, etc.)

Problem-solving: Able to solve problems and use problems as an opportunity to teach in a creative manner

Communication: Professional, comfortable communicating with parents, colleagues, senior management and children. Excellent listening skills, and strong verbal and written communication skills. 

Interpersonal: Ability to facilitate and foster school and educational community interactions.Collaborative: Able to work as part of a team.


Mist have Contactable References,


Suitable for newly qualified individuals.

Employment Type
Beginning of employment
June 2023
Duration of employment
Full Time
Job Location
Milnerton Ridge, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441, South Africa
Working Hours
Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:30 Lunch: 30min Break 2 x 15 Min
Base Salary
R9000-R15000 Per month
Date posted
May 15, 2023
Valid through
June 9, 2023
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Thank you for submitting your application. Please email recruitment@liberteschool.co.za with any questions